Iletisim Bilgisi

Eda Kuşçakoğlu

SAT Tutor

I have worked as Asistant Professor in New York for 8 years and I’ve been tutoring Sat, Toefl, İelts, Ap English and Statistics courses for 10 years.

*Provides instruction on material evaluated in listening, speaking, reading and writing sections of IELTS, TOEFL General Training and Academic examinations.
*Provides instruction on material evaluated in reading, writing and Mathematics sections of SAT General Training and Academic examination and guide with AP Statistics.
*Maintains records of student assignment performance, monitoring progress over time, and offering individual support.
*Instructs students on characteristics of Academic examination, providing recommendations for Academic-specific areas to emphasize in study.
*Compiles reference materials and reviews examination structure,
requirements and scoring to develop comprehensive lesson, lectures and assignments.
*Assesses IELTS, SAT,TOEFL-specific characteristics of multiple choice,matching and sentence, summary and diagram completion questions to identify techniques to take advantage of question format.
*Keeps current on modifications to test format and areas of concentration, adapting lesson plans to provide students with up- to-date guidance on latest.

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